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30th International Colloquium of Corpus Vitrearum, Barcelona 4-7 July 2022

30th International Colloquium of Corpus Vitrearum, Barcelona 4-7 July 2022

On 4-7 July 2022, in Barcelona, the 30th International Colloquium of Corpus Vitrearum took place, organised by Corpus Vitrearum Catalunya and Institut d’Estudis Catalans. The colloquium was entitled: „The Concept and Fabrication of Stained Glass from the Middle Ages to Art Nouveau”. It was dedicated to „the study of the different roles undertaken in large stained glass projects. Who is the author of the final piece? What were the influences on medieval stained glass windows and what can they tell us about its creator? Fine Artists have often been shown to influence stained glass makers, but, can we talk about stained glass artists influencing other disciplines? Should we consider the repetition of designs in the 19th Century as a series or as a new technique representative of this period? What training did the workshop members and stained glass artists have?”.


The Polish branch of Corpus Vitrearum (and at the same time the Centre for Stained Glass Studies), was represented by researchers from the Institute of Art History of the Jagiellonian University, who delivered the following papers during the colloquium:

Wojciech Bałus: Artist, Glass-Painters, Craftsmen, and a Dispute about their Place in Designing and Executing Stained Glass at the Beginning of the 20th Century

Joanna Utzig: Ancient Remedies for New Ideas. Possible Sources of the Cistercian Stained-Glass Technique and Style

Dobrosława Horzela: Paths to Reality: Remarks on Glaziers’ Workshop Practices in Cracow, c.1380–1440


Additionally, on 7th-9th July 2022, the 11th Forum for the Conservation and Technology of Historic Stained Glass took place, entitled „Stained Glass Conservation: Preserving the Identity”, during which dr Edyta Bernady (Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Centre for Stained Glass Studies), presented her paper: 

Edyta Bernady – Documentation and Reconstruction of the Depiction of the Virgin Mary in the 15th-Century Stained-Glass Window of the Annunciation from the Dominican Monastery in Kraków


An important part of the meeting was also a discussion on the future development of digitization of collections concerning stained glass inventoried in each of the Corpus Vitrearum member states.

More information on these events (including the full programme) can be found here.